Aged Red Brick Slip Corner

Aged Red Brick Slip Corner


Aged Red Brick Slip Corner

Aged Red brick slip corners are L shaped, making it an easy fit for 90-degree angles and vertical heads. When the brick corner is fitted you can’t see the actual depth of the brick, giving the impression that you’ve used full sized natural bricks.

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Brick Slip Aged Red Corners

  • Packaging - Boxed
  • Weight - 13kg
  • Brick Size  - 215mm by 65 by 102mm return by 20/22
  • Material - Natural Clay
  • Pallet Max - 70 Linear Metres


1 Linear Metre = 0.25  Square Metre Coverage

Note - When ordering corners brick slips reduce the over-all quantity of brick slips by the area covered by the corner brick slips.


Ireland - 3-5 Days

UK - 5-10 Days

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Weight 10 kg