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Here is the Why! A lot of us might be feeling the lockdown blues at the moment. Staring out the window, longing for that holiday, that night out or even simply a coffee indoors where we don’t have to wear 17 layers to keep from freezing over. Now is the time to revamp, redecorate or […]

Glass brick Design Ideas for 2020

Glass bricks, the latest innovative and cleverly designed product to reach the Irish market. World renowned fashion designer, Chanel have set the trend with a beautiful translucent glass brick in the facade of their Amsterdam Store. The result was so impressive, this store became their flagship store. ‘In order to be irreplacable, one must always […]

What are Karak Tiles?

Japanese Techniques   Karak tiles are produced using a Japanese technique called ‘raku’. Glazed earthenware or clay tiles are placed in a hot Kiln for about an hour. A chemical reaction occurs causing cracking and a change in colour to the glaze. The result is a beautiful, unique and vibrant patterned tile which will enhance […]

How to modernise your fireplace with Brick Veneer

Are you tired of how your living room looks? Does it need a fresh lick of paint and a bit of a facelift? Here you will find a few simple and creative ideas to create a modern contemporary feature out of your existing fireplace. Easy to install brick veneer can be installed quickly and easily. […]

Roman Brick Explained

Raw materials used to produce Roman Bricks Originally, Roman bricks were produced using soft mud and let dry off out in the sun. This process gradually developed into firing clay in a kiln, typically a chamber Kiln or a Hoffman Kiln. Characteristics of Roman Brick? Same fixings used as standard brick 40 bricks per sqm […]

What is an Engineering Brick?

There are many types of bricks available in the construction Industry which serve different purposes. One such brick is an engineering brick. Here are some of the questions Likestone Ireland are asked about Engineering Bricks. What is the purpose of an Engineering Brick? Engineering bricks are specifically made to improve the technical and structural performance […]

Likestone working with Quality Designers

When it comes to specifying natural clay brick slips or full bricks we love working with Architects and Designers when it comes to specifying our vast range of natural clay brick slips or full bricks. It certainly helps when you get to work with a leading interior design and branding studio such as Millimetre Design. […]

Fit Out Expo 2018 Flashback

Fit Out Expo took place at the RDS, Dublin last February, showcasing many of our exciting products, including the CORSO Long Brick. Managing Director of Likestone, Stephen O’ Connor delivered a talk on “Case studies of New clay long-format brick” which was a roaring success Fit Out Expo is Ireland’s premier event for the commercial […]

Cracks in Brickwork – How to minimise the risk.

Bed Joint Reinforcement Brickwork is at its strongest in compression, however cracks in brickwork may become a factor once tensile forces are introduced. Reversible movement, irreversible movement and door and window openings induce tensile forces. Such forces may be modified or controlled by bed joint reinforcement, which can accommodate the tensile forces and help bond […]

Movement of Brickwork

Movement in brickwork should be considered at the design stage of a project and implemented throughout the course of the project. Sources of Movement 1. Moisture 2. Temperature 3. Loading 4. Creep 5. Chemical actions 6. Ground movement 7. Settlement Reversible Movements In general, reversible movements are caused by temperature changes. These can be calculated […]