Brick Cladding Ideas 2021

Here is the Why!

A lot of us might be feeling the lockdown blues at the moment. Staring out the window, longing for that holiday, that night out or even simply a coffee indoors where we don’t have to wear 17 layers to keep from freezing over. Now is the time to revamp, redecorate or redesign our environments.

How can we jazz things up? Where can we add a splash of colour or a change of texture? Changing how you use your space! Ok, we may not all be able to build the outdoor swimming pool with accenting sunbeds but………….

Please note, this may not be an accurate representation of an outdoor swimming pool in Ireland….in January 2021!!!!! But we wish it were!

We can create a feature wall, reface a fireplace or chimney breast or even clad those garden walls and bbq area getting ready for the summer ahead! It will come and we will be well prepared to soak every drop of sunshine out of it!

List of Ideas

LIVING ROOMS, KITCHENS AND BEDROOMS can be completely transformed with the right product. Choose your perfect brick slip or brick cladding and reface your chosen wall. We are lucky in Ireland to have some of the best tradesmen in the world. Local Tilers experienced in using brick products will help give you that well needed refreshing lift.

The centre piece to most of our living rooms is the fireplace and chimney breast. The natural colours of clay brick or stone will modernise any space giving you a strong foundation to build the rest of your room decor around. It really is that simple! With the addition of a lick of paint, an accent chair and a potted plant or two, you can have a brand new space to enjoy.

External Garden Walls can add privacy or simply organise your garden area providing dedicated planting areas identifying dining areas and hard standing from amenity spaces and play areas for kids. A BBQ area can easily be created using tumbled brick slips which are easily fixed to existing blockwork.

Long Format Brick cladding from S.Anselmo range

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