Chanel Flagship Store

Glass brick Design Ideas for 2020

Glass bricks, the latest innovative and cleverly designed product to reach the Irish market. World renowned fashion designer, Chanel have set the trend with a beautiful translucent glass brick in the facade of their Amsterdam Store. The result was so impressive, this store became their flagship store.

Glass meets Clay

‘In order to be irreplacable, one must always be different’ so says Chanel

Where can glass bricks be used?

It is easy to believe that glass bricks are delicate, however when installed correctly, glass bricks can be used anywhere. Full glass bricks using a specialised translucent flexible mortar between the joint can create a beautifully bespoke veiled effect. Regardless of whether it is used externally or internally, glass bricks are unmistakably contemporary in Design creating a strong visual.

Are there different colours and finishes available in glass brick?

Glass brick is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes allowing you, the Designer, Architect or Client to reach the full potential of your project design. Many of the textures specified are : clear, glossy, waved, bubbled etc.

It is worth noting that a single leaf of glass bricks are not load bearing. This needs to be considered when specifying large spans of your desired glass brick. Steel fins may be used to support the glass bricks intermittently. Always ensure that structural fins are tied in sufficiently at the head and base of the glass brick wall.

Bespoke Designs can completely transform any facade inside or outside. The options are endless. For more information on glass brick or glazed products, please contact us at 051 833163 or email us on