Japanese Techniques


Karak Tile Production

Karak Tile Production

Karak tiles are produced using a Japanese technique called ‘raku’. Glazed earthenware or clay tiles are placed in a hot Kiln for about an hour. A chemical reaction occurs causing cracking and a change in colour to the glaze. The result is a beautiful, unique and vibrant patterned tile which will enhance any facade, inside or out.

Where are Karak Tiles manufactured?

S.Anselmo in Italy are the manufacturers of this beautiful handmade bespoke product. Locally sourced clay from Italy is used and a chosen coloured glaze is applied. The end result after the 1 hour firing process is a unique crackled finish. Each individual piece is a handmade piece of Art.

Karak Bespoke Table Top

What colours are available in the Karak Tile range?

Brilliant and Iridescent colours against a black backdrop are one of the identifiable characteristics of Karak Tiles. As a bespoke product, architects and designers can choose from a wide range of colours and designs. It is also an option to create your own design by working with Likestone Ireland.

Karak Bespoke Walls and Floors

Karak Bespoke Walls and Floors

What are Karak tiles used for?

This natural, elegantly designed tile can be used for floors and walls on interior and exterior facades. Any shape can be made once the correctly designed mould has been produced by the manufacturers S.Anselmo.

Where can i order Karak handmade tiles?

Ordering has never been easier. Simply call into Likestone Ireland’s Showrooms, Waterford or email us on info@likestone.ie

If you have any further queries and would like to discuss this product further, please contact us on 051833163