Brick Effect Tile Fire Surround

How do i fit Brick effect tiles?

Below you will find a quick and easy guide to installing your chosen brick effect tiles. The end result is what some people may refer to as a faux brick wall using brick effect tiles. However, this will depend on your chosen facing brick.

Natural Clay Facing Brick Tiles

If you choose a natural clay facing brick, the term faux brick may not apply. This is because natural clay facing brick are real bricks simply cut in half to create what is essentially a brick tile.

How do i Prepare a surface to fit brick effect tiles?

The surface of the base wall must be smooth and plumb to allow the adhesive to adhere the chosen brick slip or brick tile to the wall properly.

How to format the wall for brick effect tiles

Plan the space that the brick slip is going to be fitted to. Consider the horizontal and vertical spacings. It may be advisable to draw with chalk the horizontal lines to identify any flaws in the overall area. The brick slips or brick tiles can then be fitted. Make sure to also consider any openings such as windows or doors.

brick effect tiles

Brick effect tiles

What type of adhesive should i use to fit my brick effect tiles?

It is advisable to use powdered adhesive rather than premixed adhesive when fitting your brick effect tiles.

The powdered adhesive is toxic so please make sure you are mixing the adhesive in a well ventilated space.

How do i prepare powdered adhesive?

Mix the powered brick tile adhesive with the correct amount of water using a mixing drill and paddle, or alternatively, by hand.

Always revert to the instructions on the bag of brick tile adhesive for specific mixing instructions.

Spread the adhesive on the wall using a trowel or spatula covering about one square metre. The brick tiles or brick slips are now ready to begin fitting.


How do i stick the brick effect tiles to the wall?

Start applying the first course of brick slips and allow 10mm spacing between each individual brick slip or brick tile.

Ensure that the first course of brick slips are level before moving on.

Spacers can be used to space between vertical courses. These can be removed once the adhesive has gone off.

Pointing the Brick Effect Tiles

Pointing the Brick Effect Tiles

How to point out using brick effect tile pointing mortar.

Once the final course of brick slips has been fitted, the mortar can then be prepared. Start filling the bottom 2 horizontal joints and work your way up the wall filling both the vertical and horizontal joints with mortar.

After you have filled all the joints with mortar you can begin to use a brush or a bar to clean out the brick slip joints.

After about 20 days clean down the brick slips or brick tiles with an acid solution.

Your brick effect tiles are finished.