Multi Brick Facade

Parkside Housing Development uses Multi Brick

Parkside 3 and 4 Bedroom Housing Development

Multi Brick Facade

Fantastic Multi Brick facade

We are very proud to showcase our Mulreed Multi brick used in this beautiful 3 and 4 bedroom housing development in Parkside, Dublin. We have been working closely with Developers and Designers, Cairn Homes, who have created this beautiful brick façade,housing development. Phase One has been completed using a multi coloured brick from Likestone. Phase Two is currently under construction also using the Mulreed Multi brick.

Design Considerations

Choosing the right type of brick is paramount to optimal design and high end finishes. Cairn Homes took careful consideration when selecting the right type of brick for this project. Once they were satisfied with the Mulreed Multi brick, brick bonding, mortar colours and detailed finishes had to be considered.

Lintel and cill detail

Beautiful detail of lintel and cills

Multi Brick

Varieties of shading and colours are a strong characteristic of Multi brick. Many projects will require a ‘kiss’ of black or a smokey finish, identified by black areas throughout the bond. Alternative brick projects will require a variety of colours to blend with existing brick facades or brick buildings. Mulreed multi brick was chosen for its variety of grey and red colours which works with almost any type of finish. The designers at Cairn Homes have cleverly used grey mortar throughout the brickwork to highlight the grey and red brick finish.

Brick Façade Bonds

Builders and Architects have many different types of brick bonds to choose from which changes the aesthetic of any brick façade. A brick façade bond is the format in which a brick is laid or built. Cairn Homes have used a stretcher bond, which is beautifully broken up at gables using a header bond. It is evident that a lot of thought, care and attention has been put into each individual brick façade.

gable end using header bond

Gable end using header bond

Mortar Colour

There are different coloured pigments available which are can be mixed with standard coloured mortar. Parkside Housing Development uses a grey mortar which ties in perfectly with the Mulreed Multi brick. Grey brick mortar is a great design option for many reasons. Firstly, it is easy to maintain making it an obvious choice for 3 and 4 bed homes where maintenance is a consideration. Secondly, grey mortar is a perfect match with almost every type of brick, brick slip or stone cladding façade.

Detailed Finishes

The Designers at Cairn Homes have put a lot of attention into this project, which is evident in the finer details. In particular, the grey plaster used around the window reveals really compliment the overall multi brick façade. The grey plaster finish and concrete cills blend seamlessly with the shades of grey in the Multi brick and the mortar.

Window Reveals


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