Simple Summer Garden Ideas using Brick Tiles

BBQ pits, garden walls, feature walls, cladded pergolas, water features, enclosed terraces, raised beds, etc. By simply selecting high quality superior stone cladding and brick tiles you can create a beautiful outdoor space. Summer garden ideas are endless when using bricks, brick slips or stone cladding. Why not give your garden that well needed facelift.

Brick Slips used internally and externally

Thin brick slip garden walls in tatters, cladded bbq pits fallen asunder, stone faced ponds bled dry. The once lush green lawn Snowcream could have only dreamed of, has become something out of a country and western movie. Tumbleweeds have started to float past our very eyes, bouncing across the barren earth. There is even the distant squeek of the tavern doors as they swing, opening and closing, opening and closing.

Luckily, Likestone are here to save the day.  Here are just a few garden ideas for you to ponder.

Garden Ideas

  • Garden walls can be easily cladded using authentic reclaimed brick slips. The lightweight thin profile of these thin brick slips makes them ideal for exterior or interior walls.
  • Transform your BBQ Areas and accentuate the natural warm environment of the irish landscape. Natural stone cladding panels are perfect for both urban and rural settings. The warm colourings of sandstone, granite and limestone soften and compliment any environment.
  • Stone and brick veneers when used around water features will create a beautiful backdrop to any garden space. Unique and attractive garden features can be easily created very cost effectively by simply selecting a thin brick tiles or a stone cladding panel.

You have got to admit, we have experienced a sensational summer………so far. Thankfully, it is not over yet! It is obvious that most of us like to spend these beautiful sunny days outdoors. So, why not make that space, your space!

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