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Are our Bricks Basking in the Baking Sun!

Everyone is in a mad panic at the moment because of our lack of water. Well, ok, we see the reasoning but what about the poor owld brick? Didn’t anyone think of the poor owld brick? Admittedly, the lush green grass of home looks a little jaundiced and we’re pretty sure there’s been a few layers of skin from tortured feet, lost to sticky tarmac in recent weeks. However, we mustn’t forget our lovely bricks! How are they to survive in this blistering heat? This is where sun protection kicks in. That’s right! Even the construction materials themselves need sun protection.

To be fair, we’re only being half sarcastic. Sun protection is topical at the moment and very relevant to the construction industry. There is a lot to consider when building with brick or brick slips in this beautiful scorching weather. Whilst sunscreen may not be a factor (20, 30 or 50+) for the brickwork itself, it is important to ensure that adhesive and mortar goes off within an optimal time frame, particularly in higher than normal temperatures.

What Happens when Mortar dries too quickly? Moisture in the sand and cement mixture creates the adhesion within the brick bond. If drying occurs too quickly, cracking or powdering will appear, weakening the products strength and durability. When you think about it, it is not too dissimilar to using sun factor or sun cream. Sure, doesn’t the poor face crack to pieces over the years without proper moisture and sun care. So, we have heard anyway. Thankfully at Likestone, we haven’t had this problem. Our beautiful porcelain untouched skin is a sight to behold……..or a myth to conceive!

Lots of builders will cover their brickwork with Hessian to slow down the drying process during hot weather. What is Hessian, i hear you ask? Hessian fabric is a reusable, biodegradable, strong woven cloth. So, by covering newly built brickwork, chemicals in the sand and cement mixture can bond effectively, eliminating the chances of cracking, down the line. So, whether you’re lashing on the sun cream, fashioning beautiful hessian headpieces or covering up your brickwork, always use protection in the sun!

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