Another Brick in the Wall, Trump or Pink Floyd?

It might seem like you’re in the psychadelic world of Pink Floyd as you read on but regardless of which side of the proverbial wall you find yourself on, it is difficult to avoid the news headlines these days. Trump, in all his majesty, loves his walls, bless him! The big plan to build 1900 miles of a boundary wall between the Us and Mexico seems utterly ridiculous! At Likestone, we are very familiar with large scale projects but this is a whole other scale altogether. According to our reserved calculations, there will be at least 10 million square metres of brick needed. At least! Add to that, 2.5 million bags of mortar, a couple of trowels, maybe a bit of sealer etc.

Admittedly, we do have a large amount of stock available, but even so, this is way beyond Likestone‘s capacity. Our brick reserves would be annihilated! The devastation from our customers would be catastrophic! Not to mention, employee morale, sure that would hit the floor with no brick left to sell. That just wouldn’t do!

We have tried contacting the Trump administration in an effort to offer some advice on building this wall. This has proven to be more difficult than anticipated.

Firstly, we advised… not build this wall!

Secondly we advised…………it may be in the best interest of the American population to hold off on building this wall!

It soon became obvious that our advice was falling on deaf ears, deaf ears with lots of years! Imagine the audacity, to ignore the expert advice of one of the top brick and brick slip distributors in Ireland! ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ indeed!

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