Reclaimed Brick Slips, ’An Architect’s Dream’ and Kate Bush!



Lines like these have got to be an Architect’s dream’ says the famous singer/songwriter, Kate Bush. Reclaimed brick slips may not have been Kate’s obvious inspiration, but we can read between those ‘lines’. Thank you Kate!

Did you know that our beautiful Reclaimed Brick Slips were once a fully fledged building brick? It’s true! Starting their life as a small cog in a the big wheel that was once, a grown up…..building!!! Bonded to all their neighbouring Clay Bricks, woven into walls to hold up roofs, piers, gates and more. Then somehow, somewhere in their life, it was decided they were no longer needed.  Can you imagine? Discarded, forgotten! But, destiny, fate stepped in. An anonymous sponsor saved them, gave them a new life………..Who could this anonymous sponsor be? Let’s not get carried away and use the word ‘God’, let’s call them………..Likestone!

Saved from a life cut short, they were neatly and lovingly chopped in half, using a massive guillitine……massive! Suddenly where there was one, became two! Where there was a singular natural clay brick, there is now two individual, symbiotic, natural clay brick slips. Wow!

And with the light, the changing tones and textures. These elements encompass the beautiful, statement façade of Reclaimed Brick Slips. Thank goodness they were saved. Thank goodness, we get to use them in our homes, cafes, hotels, restaurants, offices. You name it, we can use them there! ‘An Architect’s Dream’ and hopes brought back to life. These are the characteristics that make these brick veneers so special and so timeless.

Let’s not forget they are born from authentic hands, hands that moulded authentic soft mud. Salvaged and saved, our Clay Brick Slips exude all the natural flaws which make this Brick Veneer so timeless.

At Likestone, we may joke, we may jest, but we take our beautiful Salvaged and Reclaimed Brick Slips very seriously. Now, who wouldn’t want them as part of their life, their space? After all, they belong to our ancestors. Embrace heritage, embrace history, Embrace Reclaimed Brick Slips!


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