Hansfield Wood development showcases bricks at their Best!

Hansfield Wood is a stunning development, which is very close to our hearts in Likestone. Given that the Boss himself, Stephen, hails from our lovely capital Dublin, we were delighted to be involved on this project. We made it our business to offer solutions and options of bricks and brick slips at every juncture. And here we are now, in the thick of it! Hansfield Wood development is currently ongoing. The finish and quality of each individual house and apartment is top priority for all concerned, including Likestone. Who wouldn’t want to be involved in this superior development? Consisting of 3 & 4 bedroom A-rated quality homes, Hansfield Woods is set in the leafy suburbs of Dublin 15.

Continued high performance and consistency in supplying brick and brick slips has allowed us to maintain our high standards. This is evident during procurement, delivery and all other aspects of our role, as brick suppliers. It is our extensive experience in the building industry which has offered us the opportunity to work with innovative and forward thinking developers such as Alanna Homes. The finished product of each individual home completed by Alanna Homes is a credit to the company and allows us to hold our chins a little higher. Well, if you can’t be proud of high end design, superior quality build and finishes, then what can you be proud of?

Externally, the beautiful Moscow red brick emphasises the warmth and lushness of the location in Dublin 15. Matching the high quality finish of the Moscow brick is the portofino brick slip, creating a brick veneer or brick cladding internally. Natural Brick slips are highly durable and very low maintenance making them an obvious choice for large scale projects. 

If you are considering using brick or brick slips why not give us a call? We are delighted to offer advice and help you choose a finish that best suits your design or project.

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