Ledgestone Product Info

Product Decription 

Typically this type of stone facade comes in single pieces and would require a stone mason or trades man to install it. The beauty of the Stone Cladding Ledgestone  is that it comes in a panel of 12 - 13  stones professionally laid by a stone mason, making it up to 13 times faster to install.

Corner stones

Ledgestone corners come in single pieces with  30 to 32  corners pieces per box with a measurement of 2 linear metres. More info on Corn

What Is Our Stone Made From

The product is made from volcanic rock, polymer, cement, sand, pigments and additives etc.

Installation Video

We have completed a number of videos to demonstrate how easy it is to install our stone cladding products. ledgestone demonstration video 

What Weight Is Stone Cladding

Our brick tiles weigh between 50 to 60 kilagrams when installed on the wall

Stone Cladding Adhesive

We have 2 types of wall adhesive suitable for this particular product depending on the surfaces you are adhering to. Flexible adhesive if it’s a smooth surface and a sand/cement based if it’s a rough surface. Adhesive for this Product - Contact us for advise

Where can you use Stone Cladding

Garden Walls, entire houses, fireplaces, feature walls and much more.


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