Brick Cladding Mj Info

Uniques Design

Thanks to its unique design, this brick cladding is incredibly easy to install. Brick Cladding that perfectly suits both traditional and modern interiors including feature walls, fire places, garden walls and house fronts. Brick Cladding MJ is an excellent innovational product, designed for non-experts. It’s a fast and easy solution in line with main decorative trends. 

DIY Advantages

  • Each piece interlocks in to the next
  • No pointing
  • No Raking or Brushing the Joint
  • No Cleaning The Brick

Cost Supplied And Fitted

Compared to natural full brick, Brick Cladding MJ tiles are faster, easier and less costly supplied & fitted.

Manufactured Brick

A cast is made off original bricks and then made into a mold with many different brick textures. The raw materials are mixed together and pored into the mold. The mold is then put into a drying room to cure. The brick tile is then put through a rigid stress and durability test before it is approved for sale.


This Manufactured brick tile is made from the highest quality raw materials. Some of the raw materials include, cement, sand, hardener and natural colourfast pigments.


The Joint is already attached to the brick so there is no pointing necessary. Although you can point it with one of our 4 mortar colours 


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